Mashu Mashu Theater for Social Change - Creating a Community and Bringing People Together

Mashu-Mashu is a theater company for social change that works to promote community development and cohesion through stage performances, community-engaged initiatives and creative action in the public space. We regard Israel's ever-growing melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, languages and religious expressions with a sense of responsibility – an opportunity to advance an inclusive and thriving society.

We seek to make the art of theater accessible to broad audiences, reflecting the diversity and multicultural challenges characterizing Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular.

As a community-based artistic community, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to the physical and cultural development of our environment and to bring the effective power of artistic expression to diverse marginalized communities. Our creative projects are designed to engage local residents and provide employment opportunities to emerging artists.

What is Theater for Social Change?

Theater for Social Change is professional theater that gives of its talents and abilities to the community that surrounds it. This is a theater invested in social integration and adaptation to changing processes within society; a theater that aspires to micro-level changes and the advancement of the norms and values on which the society is based and in which it believes, the common denominator that informed its creation. The theater's creative process is inseparable from the social processes occurring in its immediate vicinity.

Theater for Social Change functions on two levels:

Celebration - the pleasure of theater, for the members of the group and for the community in which it works (or the target audience beyond the community)

Actuation - provoking thought and providing a space for personal expression

Theater for Social Change contributes to, develops, enriches and empowers the community in which it lives. The innovative model presented by Mashu-Mashu is the first of its kind in Israel.

Throughout our years in the neighborhood, we have come to understand and refine the essential nature of spontaneous artistic creation that elevates and inspires its communal environment. When a neighborhood experiences the effervescent, pioneering and engaging presence of true street theater, the possibility exists for real change in the daily lives of its inhabitants and in its demographic makeup.

A neighborhood awakened to its artistic potential is a neighborhood that attracts more artists, more youth and ultimately more businesses. The main beneficiaries of this kind of artistic awakening are the veteran inhabitants of the neighborhood, who are given the unexpected touch of magic and hope in their daily lives, new experiences that bond them with their neighbors, and fresh perspectives - sometimes comforting and sometimes challenging - that impact their lives.

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