Osim Seder: "Alice" 10.7.17

Kol Ha'Ir: Article on Mashu Mashu, 7.7.17

Osim Seder: "The Boy from Shichun Olim", 21.5.17

Wallah: Judaism - Not Black and White: Religious and Secular Women Get To Know Each Other, 30.06.15 (Hebrew)

The Donkey's Mouth: Directors of Housing, 29.10.13

Maariv Gallery: The Neighbors are Proud to Present, 08.05.13

Ynet Stage - Theatroneto: Hunger, Politics & Religion, 29.03.13

News Room - Interview with Yael Gideoni

The Doors at the 2012 Bat Yam Theater Festival

With Love from Hatzor - Volunteering in Netivot, 30.11.12

Mole in the City - Volunteering in Netivot, 30.11.12

Theater - Protest from Door to Door in the Street, 18.8.11

The Doors at the Acco Theater Festival

The Doors at the 2011 Bat Yam Theater Festival

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