The Mashu-Mashu ensemble works with, within and under the inspiration of the neighborhood and its community. Our plays are thus created out of our connection with the place, time and society in which we work.

Our creative process includes walking in the streets, interviewing people in the neighborhood, and even rehearsing in open public facilities. The resulting works feature content related directly or indirectly to Jerusalem in general and the neighborhood in particular, while engaging issues that remain relevant to all places and societies.

Our plays are performed in various festivals throughout the country and have received critical acclaim and prestigious awards.

Profits from our shows are dedicated towards empowering artistic-social activities in the neighborhood.

The Doors Love At
Tmol Shilshom
Hunger Artist
The Forest That
Grew By Itself
Hat Story
The Sleeping Librarian
The Dickerman
Retirement Home
Del Harta
End of the World Cabaret
Crowded at Home
The Boy from Shichun Olim
Upcoming Shows

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