Theater for Social Change Mashu-Mashu is a registered non-profit organization from 2013, and works in cooperation with and with the support of the Yovelim Community Council, the Jewish Agency, the Shahaf Foundation, New Spirit, the Jerusalem Foundation, .

Hamutal is the founding director of Consult4good, a consulting firm providing instruction and guidance towards social change, and director of Keren Dafna – Women Cooperating for Change, founded by Prof. Dafna Yizraeli, z”l. Consult4good specializes in consulting, instruction and guidance in the fields of organizational, planning, resource and management development.

As director of Keren Dafna, Hamutal is responsible for the fund’s ongoing management and strategic development, including: initiation and implementation of learning processes, resource development and strategic partnerships, and the development of programs and grant tracks intended to provide the best solutions for the dynamic needs of the feminist field in Israel. As an expert in the assimilation of gender thinking, Hamutal writes, conducts organizational processes and delivers lectures on the subject.

Hamutal tells stories and connects at her blog Stories for Social Change.

Nitzan is a member of the Yozma community since 2008, and a graduate of the Yozma educational system. She has a degree in informal education from Hebrew University.

Nitzan works in resource development at the Jewish Agency and believes that "the song of our youth is the song of our future." She is the mother of Shir.

Ayelet is a researcher and lecturer in the fields of genetics and molecular biology at the Hadassah Academic College and the Genetics Department at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She did her post-doctoral studies at Brandeis University in Massachussets, USA.

Ayelet is a social activist and initiator in the Ir Ganim neighborhood, where she is involved in the "Bustina" community park, the neighborhood flower park and the "Embroidering a Dream" project - in which Ethiopian immigrants create traditional Ethiopian embroidery.

She is the mother of three amazing kids.

Alik is the director of the Jerusalem Mechina, a member of the Kama community in Beer Sheva, and holds a bachelor degree in liberal arts and social sciences from the Open University. He is a graduate of the Work and Study youth movement, in which he served in various positions in the fields of organization and education of youth doing national service and military service in the Nahal system, and in the graduates movement.

He has since been educating groups in the Bet Morasha network, and has engaged in many projects for the development and advancement of the periphery, working with youth and young communities. He has recently completed a term as managing director of the Tor HaMidbar non-profit organization in Beer Sheva.

Ron Ronen holds an undergraduate degree in psychological and a master’s degree in business administration. The managing director of To’em, Ron has served in executive management positions and has led economic and administrative strategy processes in several companies, including Tadirgan Avrupa, Kalkar, Poligal, Ortal Diecasting, Plassim and Kishrei Te’ufah. He has also directed recovery strategy processes in many Israeli kibbutizim.

Itzik Pashkos holds an undergraduate degree in liberal arts, and certificates in accounting and payroll calculation. Over the last two years he has managed the accounts of the New Spirit organization, overseeing the organizations budget, payments, revenues, payroll and social benefits. He previously served six years in the New Spirit offices in the bookkeeping and auditing departments. Since 2010 he serves as a member of the executive board of the organization Hillel - Right to Choose.

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